This Porsche 993 911 Carrera 4 Is Claimed To Be The Only In The U.S. With X51 Pack

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 X51 has a similar engine to the Carrera RS.

If you are in the market for a Porsche and have a budget of $165,000, you could buy the new 911 Targa 4S and have roughly $30,000 leftover for optional extras. Alternatively, you could buy this 1995 Porsche 993-generation 911.

The car is being sold by Cooper Classic Cars in New York and could very well be on the rarest 993 911s anywhere in the United States.

The eBay listing reveals that this 1995 911 has been equipped with the rare X51 package. A bit of research at Rennlist indicates that the X51 package was only offered for EU-spec 993 911 Carrera models and saw the car equipped with a very similar, albeit not identical, engine to the Carrera RS of the day. It is understood the X51 993 911’s engine had the same block, cylinders, and pistons as the Carrera RS engine but didn’t have the same lightweight crankshaft, among other parts. The X51 engine also displaces 3.8-liters, the same as the Carrera RS, and is said to also produce the same 296 hp.

This example is indeed a Euro-spec model that was actually delivered to its original and only owner in Japan. It is being sold with complete service records since day 1 as well as the build sheet and tools. Cooper Classic Cars suggests it is the only X51 993 Carrera to have been imported into the United States, hence the high asking price.

Adorning the exterior is a lovely shade known as Iris Blue metallic while the cabin features blue leather and blue carpets. The odometer sits at 62,471 km (38,817 miles).

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