Liberty Walk’s Widebody Toyota Supra Is All Kinds Of Crazy

Liberty Walk’s Toyota Supra body kit can cost almost $20,000.

Do you find the new Toyota Supra a little too subtle and perhaps crying out for some wild new looks? Liberty Walk has just the thing for you.

The Japanese tuner is responsible for some of the most striking body kits on the market and it has just launched its widebody package for the Supra, available both in Japan and various overseas markets, including the United States.

Found up front is an extended chin spoiler and a pair of flared wheel arches that give the Supra a huge amount of presence on the road. Liberty Walk’s modifications continue with bespoke side skirts and flared rear wheel arches to match those up front. Completing the upgrades is a custom diffuser and a towering rear wing that we think suits the car to an absolute tee. The tuner is also offering a new hood.

Mind you, buying the full body kit isn’t cheap. Prospective customers located in the United States will need to cough up $14,850 for the full pack when made of fiberglass or $15,950 when made from lightweight carbon fiber. These prices jump to $17,930 for the fiberglass kit and the new hood and $19,030 for the carbon kit and a carbon hood. That makes this body kit roughly a third the price of the Toyota Supra itself.

Liberty Walk’s launch of its Supra kit comes not too long after the car was updated for the 2021 model year with its 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six now producing 382 hp and 368 lb-ft (499 Nm) of torque.

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