Ford Mustang Driver Gets Confused At Four-Way Stop, Crashes Into House

Fortunately, the Ford Mustang crash didn’t cause any injuries.

Another day and another incident involving a Ford Mustang, albeit this time it doesn’t appear as though any crowds where involved and remarkably, it doesn’t seem like the muscle car was attending any kind of car show.

The incident happened in San Francisco at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, at the intersection of Fulton and Lyon, according to a report from Hoodline. A serious amount of damage has been done to the building and the Mustang has also seen better days.

While the cause of the crash remains unconfirmed, the Reddit user who shared the above photo commented that, “The driver was texting/driving, and ran right straight through the stop sign towards an oncoming car, then swerved straight into the building”, a Victorian-style house. The property is said to be well known for the cats that hang out in the windows. They weren’t injured but did briefly run away before being found.

Images from the scene which were shared on Twitter show the black Mustang skipped the curb and smashed right through the front door of the property. We haven’t been able to find any photos that show the front of the Mustang and reveal how much damage it sustained. However, it is reasonable to assume the impact would have smashed up the front of the pony car. There’s a very good chance that some suspension damage has been done from the car speeding up the curb.

Thankfully, no one is thought to have been seriously injured. A second car was said to also be involved but we don’t have any images of it.

Opening image Reddit user parkski


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