BMW 5-Series Driver Makes Bad Mustang Drivers Look Like Drift Gods

If you don’t get it right the first time, make sure you get it wrong the second time too.

While everyone who loves cars would like to think they are the next Ken Block and can perform picture-perfect drifts and donuts with ease, the truth is that it requires practice to get right. And the driver of this E39-generation BMW 5-Series could clearly do with some. In fact, he makes even the worst Ford Mustang drivers look like professional drifters.

This particular clip was filmed by YouTuber Michael Luzzi and shows a night of action-packed street racing and drifting in the United States. Many of the stunts are plain stupid, including scenes of Luzzi drifting his Dodge Challenger in a parking lot, just feet away from spectators and other cars.

Towards the end of the clip, those in attendance headed to an area of deserted road under a bridge where a handful of rev-heads put their cars to the test, doing donuts in the center of the road as people cheered them on. At one stage towards the end of the video, an E39 5-Series appeared to slide into one of the fences but the crash was captured on film.

However, the driver decided to give it a second shot and this time, the attempt at performing a donut was caught on camera. It did not go down well. In fact, the 5-Series once again hit a fence, despite the rear wheels losing traction and briefly kicking up some smoke. Evidently, the BMW doesn’t have the power to kick its tail out in such a confined space by simply flooring the throttle.


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