Wuling Rong Guang EV Is GM China’s Idea Of An Electromod

The Wuling Rong Guang EV starts at just under $12,000 in China.

Following the Hong Guang Mini EV, SAIC and GM’s Wuling brand has now launched another electric vehicle.

It’s called the Rong Guang EV and it has a much more utilitarian nature. That’s because it’s a compact van that comes either in commercial or passenger configurations. In the unlikely case you find it looks familiar, it’s because the Rong Guang EV is nothing more than the electrified version of an existing van, the Wuling Rong Guang.

Launched in 2008, the Rong Guang has now gained an all-electric powertrain that should help it last even longer on the Chinese market.

Based on the longer body style of its ICE-powered sibling, the Rong Guang EV has a 3,050-millimeter (120-in) wheelbase and a length of 4,490 mm (176.7 in). This enables it to offer 5.1 cubic meters (180.1 cu ft) of cargo space.

It’s powered by a 42-kWh battery pack which supports conventional AC charging and DC fast charging. Using AC charging, the battery can be fully charged in seven hours. With DC fast charging, it can be fully charged in just two hours.

The driving range differs according to the body style. The commercial version with sealed side and back windows is said to cover 252 kilometers (156 miles) on a full charge, while the passenger version is good for 300 km (186 miles).

Besides the EV powertrain, other upgrades compared to the regular Rong Guang include electric power steering (EPS) and a driver’s side airbag.

Prices for the Wuling Rong Guang EV start from 83,800 yuan ($11,800) for the panel van and 89,900 yuan ($12,650) for the passenger model. Customers can pay even less for it as the electric van is eligible for national subsidies for new energy vehicles.

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