Which Of These Two Identifies As A Mercedes Better, The Dodge Or The Renault?

Why buy a real Mercedes-Benz when all you need is a badge?.

For some people, the image of a car brand and the way the public view that brand is very important when buying a vehicle. But if you want to experience what a more premium brand offers without breaking the bank, there is an alternative, as this Renault Megane and Dodge Neon show.

We recently came across these two cars on Reddit and they show that by slapping on some Mercedes-Benz badges, anyone can live out their fantasies of driving a car far out of their price range.

Starting with the dark red Megane, we believe it resides somewhere in the UK and has been outfitted not just with a large Three-Pointed Star badge, but also a chrome grille that looks to be affixed directly over the car’s original mask. As if that wasn’t a big enough of a facepalm, there is a second Mercedes-Benz badge on the hood as well as LED lights around the headlights to try to give the French car that German feel.

As for the odd Dodge Neon, it was spotted in the U.S. and looks to be for sale. Like the Megane, it too features a faux Mercedes-Benz grille at the front end as well as a large Mercedes badge. What makes the Neon even weirder is the custom hood that features a prominent hump sporting a second large Mercedes-Benz grille. If the front of a car resembles a face, then this section is the nose and it could seriously benefit from a nose job.

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