Toyota RAV4 Goes Flying Through Backyard In Florida As Rainy Day Helps Avoid Possible Tragedy

A horrific incident took place last week in a Miami-Dade County neighborhood, as an out of control Toyota RAV4 crossover came flying through a family’s backyard. Thankfully, nobody was there at the moment.

According to the father, his children would have been right by the pool playing had the weather not been raining – which in essence might have saved their lives, reports Local 10 News.

“It sounded like an explosion – like a big explosion,” said Lago, with his daughter Sabrina saying: “My heart dropped. I was scared for my life.”

Carlos Lago said that the woman who was driving the SUV on 136th Street lost control, smashed through his property and landed on 136th Terrace, between 158th and 159th Avenue. As for why this happened in the first place, apparently Miami-Dade Fire Rescue told him that the woman, who was taken to Baptist Hospital, may have suffered a medical condition.

Lago pleaded with Miami-Dade County authorities to extend the double barrier found on 136th Avenue, especially since his neighbor also suffered similar property damage from out of control vehicles, a total of seven times.

It’s safe to say that one time is one too many when it comes to these types of incidents. The fact that they keep occurring at this exact location makes it pretty clear that something needs to be done.


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