This Shop Is Giving The C8 Corvette Lambo-Style Scissor Doors

The same shop is also developing McLaren-like butterfly doors for the C8 Corvette .

There was a time when replica Lamborghini scissor doors could only ever be found on tuned Japanese or American sports cars and muscle cars from the early and mid-2000s. However, a company in the U.S. named Vertical Doors is in the midst of developing scissor doors for the hottest sports car of the moment: the Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

YouTuber Speed Phenom recently paid a visit to the company to take a look at the scissor doors which it is currently prototyping for the mid-engined Corvette. While the overall design looks pretty good, we’re still unconvinced this is a good idea.

An argument can certainly be made that thanks to its bold exterior design and mid-engined layout, the C8 is perfect for a set of doors that open up rather than out. This company’s solution is an innovative hinge design that bolts on and replaces the standard hinge. What’s good about the design is that it is fully reversible; thus, should an owner want to return the doors to stock for re-sale, they can do so with little fuss.

It is not just scissor doors that the company is developing for the Corvette, as it is also working on a set of butterfly doors similar in design to those used by current McLaren models.

We remain unconvinced there will be all that many C8 Corvette owners who want to have Lamborghini-style doors fitted, but wouldn’t be surprised to see a number of them hit social media in the coming months.


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