This Must Be What Pontiac GTO Paradise Looks Like: Mecum Auctions Founder Selling His Collection

Dana Mecum has been collecting Pontiac GTO models since the 1970s.

A collection of nine special Pontiac GTO models owned by Dana Mecum, the founder and president of Mecum Auctions, are set to be sold during the company’s Indy 2020 event running from July 10-18.

Mecum says he was first introduced to the Pontiac GTO when his mom acquired an Orbit Orange Judge model in 1969. By September of 1970, she owned a Lucerne Blue GTO hardtop and Dana Mecum had the opportunity to drive it, getting into a street race with a friend in a 1965 Chevrolet. Mecum received his first GTO, a 1966 convertible, from his father and in the years since, has gone on to acquire many more, some of which will be sold in July.

Each of the nine Pontiac GTO models being sold have a unique backstory to them. One of the most eye-catching is a 1964 Royal Bobcat variant that’s painted in a bright shade known as Aquamarine. This particular car has 14,900 miles (23,979 km) on the clock.

1965 Pontiac Hurst Geeto Tiger

Another highlight, or ‘Main Attraction’, of the auction, is a 1965 Pontiac Hurst Geeto Tiger. This one-off was the prize from a nationwide contest to boost sales of the GTO and based on the song ‘GeeTO Tiger.’ It comes adorned with more than 28 factory options and includes distinctive Hurst Gold paint and Gold Hurst mag wheels. The car was won by a 19-year-old who kept it for a number of years before selling it. After passing through the hands of various owners in the decades after, Dana Mecum purchased it.

The second ‘Main Attraction’ is a 1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Riverside Pace Car that was one of two built. The first was awarded to the winner of the 1965 Riverside 500 while this one was awarded to a lucky ticket holder.

1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Riverside Pace Car

Head on over to Mecum’s website to see all nine of the GTO models being sold.

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