Protesters Gathered Outside Tesla’s Reopened Plant, Claim Musk Should Be Arrested

Some employees are concerned about going back to work over COVID-19.

A small group of protesters rallied outside Tesla’s manufacturing plant in Fremont, California over the weekend expressing concerns about the automaker resuming production and calling for chief executive Elon Musk to be arrested, Fox KTVU reports.

The rally was organized by United Public Workers for Action and the Workers Solidarity Action Network. The groups accuse Musk of putting workers in harm’s way by sending them back to work.

One Tesla employee who took part in the protest and has refused to return to work is Carlos Gabriel.

“I’m worried for my health,” Gabriel told the media. “I’m very disappointed in the leadership. I’m very disappointed in Elon Musk putting profits over the health of his workers.”

It’s not just Gabriel that has concerns. Steve Zeltzer with the Public Workers for Action Advocacy believes Musk should be arrested for defying shelter-in-place laws.

“What is going here today is a travesty,” Zeltzer said. “Elon Musk who is a billionaire has said he is above the law. He doesn’t have to follow the shelter in place law and he said you come and arrest me. Well I say the government here in Fremont and the government of California should arrest him.”

Last week, Tesla openly defied shelter-in-place laws in Alameda County where the factory is located and started building Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. Days later, Alameda County officials said they had discussions with Tesla and gave it the green light to resume production this week.


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