Leclerc To Drive Ferrari SF90 Stradale In Remake Of Controversial Street Racing Film This Weekend

The stunt is inspired by Claude Lelouch’s infamous C’etait Un Rendez-Vous film from 1976.

Back in 1976, Claude Lelouch shot his famous C’etait Un Rendez-Vous’ film on the streets of Paris, with a camera supposedly strapped to his very own Mercedes 450 SEL.

The film was pretty controversial since French authorities weren’t at all amused by the high-speed run, which of course wasn’t sanctioned in any way. This time around, the streets of Monaco will be closed in order for Leclerc to do his thing behind the wheel of a Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The stunt will take place on Sunday morning, on the day in which the 2020 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix was supposed to be held, yet had to be suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ferrari agreed to take part in this short film as a way of “demonstrating support for its tifosi, clients and supporters as an expression of hope that the world will gradually be able to absorb the painful and complex health crisis which has affected everyone.”

Ferrari’s F1 star will drive the brand’s SF90 Stradale

Another controversy surrounding the original film was related to the type of car being used. Word is that it was Lelouch’s own Mercedes 450 SEL, as previously stated. However, the movie never actually reveals the actual car, and the audio was allegedly dubbed with the sound of a Ferrari 275 GTB’s V12.

Then there are suggestions regarding the actual driver. Lelouch insists that he drove the car himself. However, some believe that it was actually an F1 driver behind the wheel, with Jackques Laffite having been linked with the project, according to Autosport.

On Sunday, the run will likely be free of controversy, since it has been sanctioned by the Monegasque authorities and behind the wheel of the SF90 Stradale is one of F1’s brightest young stars.

You can watch the original film, and marvel at the driver’s (whomever it might be) audacity, right below.


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