Lamborghini Rides Keep Pouring In For 5 Y.O. Who Stole Parents’ Car

Rides aside, Zamarripa also talked to Shaq, Lil Pump and Jamie Fox.

Last week, the story of Adrian Zamarripa, the 5-year old boy who stole his parents’ car in Utah and decided to go to California with $3 in his pocket to buy a Lamborghini, went viral worldwide.

Since then, he had the chance to ride in a matte black Huracan owned by an enthusiast who read about the kid’s story, but that wasn’t the end of it, as more recently, Adrian and his family were invited to Malibu by a luxury car dealer, reports TMZ.

There, the boy’s face lit up when he got to sit in a bunch of expensive rides and was allowed to rev the engine of a Ferrari. Subsequently, he met Shaquille O’Neal and Lil Pump on FaceTime, and after that, he jumped into the passenger seat of yet another supercar and got the umpteenth ride of his life.

But wait – there’s more for the little petrol head, as the driver pulled over at Jamie Foxx’s house in the hills with the actor cracking a few jokes with Zamarripa. A small reality check came from RD Whittington, the owner of the dealership, who chauffeured Adrian on that day, as he told him to listen to his parents and stay in school.

After his joyride, the 5-year old got in a lot of trouble with his parents, and he was allegedly punished. His mom and dad won’t face any charges for neglect, though, according to the Weber County District Attorney.

If you find that the line between actually wanting to help the kid and piggybacking on his 15 minutes of fame seems a weensy bit blurred, you’re certainly not alone.

Note: Lamborghini Huracan Evo pictured above

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