Bicyclists Play Chicken With Oncoming Traffic, Become Contenders For Darwin Award

The YouTube generation isn’t above risking their lives to go viral, and that’s clearly visible in these videos apparently shot in Philadelphia.

As you can see in the first clip, a guy in a green hoodie pops a wheelie and rides his bike into oncoming traffic and narrowly misses an Acura TSX. He then returns to the other lane, before heading straight for a Ford Taurus only to turn at the last second.

Despite the sheer lack of logic and the grave danger of it, he does it time and time again. In one case, he forces a Jeep Renegade to come to a complete stop.

This obviously ups the danger as other drivers might not be expecting traffic to suddenly stop in the middle of the road. If this were to happen, it could potentially result in a rear-end collision and/or the cyclist being hit.

To make matters even worse, two police vehicles can be seen in the video. One appears to be parked on the side of the road, while the second is visible towards the end of the clip and appears ready to put an end to the stunts.

While it remains unclear if police eventually got involved, this is far from an isolated incident, as another video shows a string of similarly dangerous behavior. While no one gets hurt, that’s probably due to sheer luck as even the slightly mistake could be fatal.

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