This Is The All-New 2021 Audi A3 Sedan In Long-Wheelbase Form

This is the all-new Audi A3L long wheelbase model before you’re supposed to see it.

Having a few extra inches of legroom for the backseat is very appreciated in China, a trend that has given birth to a multitude of stretched cars, based on the regular models.

Audi is now continuing the tradition by prepping a long wheelbase version of the 2020 A3. Building on the latest-gen variant that was presented in Europe as a five-door hatchback last month, this recently leaked A3L can be seen here as a production model on the factory floor.

Look closely and you will see that every important design detail makes this car identical to the 2020 A3 Sportback, including the aggressive lines on the side, shape of the front fenders and hood, and even the trim on the rear bumper. However, the rear doors are a bit longer and the distance between the two axles has increased. The rear quarter windows are also different and the rear overhang is obviously longer.

The interior will also be identical to that of the regular A3 Sportback and will feature the all-new dashboard layout, with the Lamborghini-style air vents on the driver’s side and incorporated widescreen display in the middle. The digital gauges, head-up display and others will likely be offered as options.

Details surrounding the engine lineup are shrouded in mystery, but in Europe, the new A3 Sportback is offered at first with the 150 PS (148 HP / 110 kW) 1.5-liter TFSI petrol, in regular and mild-hybrid forms, and 2.0-liter TDI diesels, producing 116 PS (114 HP / 85 kW) and 150 PS (148 HP / 110 kW) respectively.

The 2020 A3L, which will be its official designation as pointed out by the badge located on the boot lid, will be offered exclusively in China, where sales should commence shortly.

The new A3 Sedan meanwhile is still in development and is understood to premiere towards the end of the year.


Via AutoHome

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