Listen: Lamborghini Teases New Track-Only Hypercar With Screaming 818 HP V12 Engine

The new track-only Lamborghini is being developed by the Squadra Corse racing division.

Lamborghini is letting us know that there’s a new track-only hypercar coming, developed in cooperation with the company’s Squadra Corse racing division.

The Italian car maker has released a short video showing bits and pieces of its upcoming hypercar during some race circuit tests. The Aventador-based track special will be powered by an updated version of the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine, producing 818 HP (830 PS).

Thanks to its track-only nature, the new Lamborghini will be a very different animal than its road-legal siblings. As the video shows, expect a massive rear wing, a roof-mounted air intake, a giant rear diffuser, a deeply sculpted front bonnet and various winglets that will help generate as much downforce as possible.

Similarly, the interior will be stripped down to the bare essentials while the obligatory set of centerlock wheels will be shod in sticky Pirelli tires. It will also feature “an innovative self-locking type differential which allows better driveability on the circuit”.

Lamborghini’s new hypercar will become available in limited numbers and the inclusion of the Squadra Corse racing division could mean that they are planning to offer it to customers in a similar fashion with the Ferrari FXX-K. Each example could be accompanied with an exclusive range of track days around the world, along with full technical support straight from the factory.

Right now, it is currently in the last stages of development, with Lamborghini expected to reveal its new creation later this summer.


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