GM’s Latest EV Comes From China’s Wuling, Takes Inspiration From Kei Cars

2.92-meter long Wuling EV somehow seats four people; we hope no adults were injured during homologation.

Earlier this year, the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture unveiled the Baojun E300, a tiny electric city car designed for China’s crowded cities.

Now we get to catch a glimpse of the E300’s less glamorous sibling from the joint venture’s other brand, Wuling. These are the first official photos of the as-yet-unnamed EV which Wuling says is inspired by Japan’s popular kei car segment.

The proportions of Wuling’s electric city car clearly remind of kei cars, particularly the ratio between the vehicle’s height and width. The styling is characterized by straight lines and square elements, while customizing options include several two-tone color schemes.

While no photos of the interior are available, the diminutive two-door hatchback is said to offer four seats, making it “a convenient tool for daily urban commuting”. No dimensions are revealed either but Wuling says the EV’s compact size and short wheelbase will give it “a natural advantage for parking and turning in crowded cities”.

According to Chinese media, the new Wuling is 2,920-mm (115-in) long, making it 220-mm (8.6-in) longer than a Smart EQ Fortwo and 295-mm (11.6-in) longer than the two-seat Baojun E300. The EV is expected to offer customers the choice of two different battery packs: one with a capacity of 9 kWh, the other with 14 kWh.

Regardless of the battery pack, the electric motor is a modest one delivering 27 HP. With a 39 HP motor and 16.8 kWh battery, the Baojun E300 seems like a luxury car in comparison. Wuling will release additional details about its first-ever EV, including its name, closer to the model’s launch later this year.

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