Geely Goes Full Touchless Using Drones To Deliver New Car Keys To Customers

The customer does not need leave home as everything is done online, from order to delivery.

For many companies, the current coronavirus epidemic is a good opportunity to implement more automated manufacturing processes and reduce their reliance on human workforce.

It may sound cynical, but many factories in China are currently functioning without input from people, relying on artificial intelligence. Automation is obviously used in more areas than manufacturing. Geely Auto, for example, has launched a contactless home delivery option for its vehicles.

Available in select locations across China, the contactless home delivery system is about delivering new vehicles directly to consumers’ homes or place of work rather than collecting from dealerships.

The system uses drones to pass new car keys to consumers by delivering directly to their door or balcony, “furthering the distance between staff and consumer and creating a truly contactless process”.

The new contactless delivery is part of Geely Auto’s proprietary online sales system launched on February 10, 2020. The service offers consumers a one-stop solution for ordering online that includes the modification of vehicle specifications, online financing and insurance, as well as the option of establishing a home delivery in a contactless solution.

Geely says that over 10,000 consumers have ordered and paid for vehicles on its online mall since the platform was launched in February. Additionally, a further 110,000 users registered their interest to buy a Geely vehicle in the short term. All confirmed orders and leads are sent to local dealers who begin the home delivery process. According to the automaker, all vehicles are “thoroughly disinfected by the dealership including through ionization prior to delivery”, which is good to know at a time like this.


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