Base Tesla Model 3: Here’s What You Get With The $35,000 Special-Order Version

Turns out the $35k Tesla Model 3 is far from a typical bare-bones variant.

Tesla has been widely criticized about the much-advertised $35k base version of the Model 3 for some time but the truth is that you can technically get one should you want to, albeit as a special order variant only.

That’s exactly what Edmunds did, sharing along the way their experience of ordering the “off-menu” version of the Tesla Model 3 and showing us what you’re getting with your hard-earned $35,000.

As it turns out, the base Tesla Model 3 Standard Range leaves the assembly line as a regular Standard Range Plus variant before the company disables some of the features, reduces the driving range via software and removes some of the hardware.

If your budget is strictly limited to $35k, then your only color option is White while the 18-inch wheels come as standard. The base Model 3 also doesn’t have front fog lights, rear speakers for the audio system and floor mats.

However, you still get features like a dash cam along with Sentry mode, power adjusted and heated front seats and cruise control. Tesla also gives you one month of free traffic-based navigation before asking $10 a month as part of the Premium Connectivity subscription service.

The base Model 3 Standard Range offers 220 miles out of its software-limited battery pack, which should be good enough if you have easy access to the company’s Supercharger network.

Owners of the cheapest Model 3 can also upgrade their vehicle via the company’s app, being offered options like rear heated seats ($300), Autopilot ($3,000) or the Full Self-Driving feature ($7,000).

What’s interesting is that Edmunds noticed some big differences between their new Model 3 and their previous 2017 long-termer. These include the much more comfortable and better made seats, the quieter cabin and the improved ride quality among other, showcasing that Tesla has upped its game as far as build quality goes.



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