Ah, Yes, The Old Gas-Brake Pedal Switcheroo

This Nissan Xterra driver almost knocked down a wooden hut.

For most drivers, differentiating between the brake and accelerator pedals isn’t particularly difficult. The brake is on the left and the throttle is on the right. Despite this, crashes triggered by drivers getting the two confused are all too common and this dashcam video shows such a crash recently happening in the U.S.

This clip, which appears to have been filmed in New Jersey, gets interesting at the 18-second mark when a silver Nissan Xterra comes into view in the right of the screen.

The driver, who isn’t visible, casually slams into a wooden building housing trash in the parking lot, ripping through a set of doors and knocking out at a couple of large walls. The Xterra was traveling with enough force to knock one of these wooden walls into a black BMW X5 parked next to the hut but fortunately, didn’t have enough pace to knock the hut down entirely.

According to the cammer, the driver said that she confused the brake and gas pedals and this is why the SUV ran into the hut. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured, nor was anyone else.

We can understand that it can be easy to momentarily get distracted while behind the wheel but getting the two pedals confused is hard to comprehend and not having the reaction times to recognize the mistake and hit the brakes is worrying. It’s lucky this motorist wasn’t traveling out on the open road when they got the pedals mixed up.


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