Truck Driver Takes Out Cyclist In London While Making Left Turn

A cyclist in the UK has been lucky to avoid serious injury after being taken out by a truck driver.

This footage, filmed from the helmet cam of a cyclist following the cyclist involved in the collision in question, shows the cyclist riding along a dedicated bike path on the side of the road when a truck from Tesco inches its way past.

Out of nowhere, the Tesco driver suddenly makes a sharp left-hand turn to avoid missing their turn off and in the process, takes out the cyclist. It looks like a vicious impact but the cyclist wasn’t seriously injured in the crash. In the final few seconds of the video, the driver of the truck can be seen getting out and walking over to the man.

According to the YouTuber who uploaded the video, the trucker refused to sign papers acknowledging that he was the driver when police arrived. Consequently, he couldn’t be charged on the scene and was instead taken to court last month and found guilty of ‘failing to nominate a driver’. He was slapped with a £300 ($388) fine, ordered to pay £332 ($430) in costs, and was hit with a six-point penalty on his license.

It is alleged that Tesco admitted liability in the subsequent insurance claim presumably filed by the cyclist.

The driver stated that the cyclist was in his blind spot and when watching the video, that certainly appears to be the case. However, that fails to excuse his poor driving and had he made the same left-hand turn just a few seconds later without looking in his mirrors, he could have wiped out a whole bunch of cyclists which were also on the road at the time.


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