Speeding Acura RSX Flips Over Onto Roof And Slides Furiously

The driver of this Acura RSX managed to screw up merging onto an overpass.

What on Earth happened here, you might be wondering. Or perhaps you just feel like saying “oops” over and over again like the driver of the dashcam vehicle. Either way, this is definitely something you don’t see every day.

The driver of that white Acura RSX somehow managed to lose control in what appears to be a straight line. We should note that the car is front-wheel drive, so getting it to break traction like that isn’t as easy as with RWD.

Even so, the Acura can be seen losing control and suddenly pointing towards the guardrail on the side of the overpass. The impact was jarring, enough so as to cause the car to immediately flip onto its side, slide a few yards and then flip over onto its roof.

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As the slide continued, it appears that the driver’s foot either remained on the accelerator, or they simply didn’t know how to react considering what was happening. We can only imagine that suddenly finding yourself upside down and still in motion can be not just scary, but also confusing.

The video was posted on YouTube by one John Curry, and unfortunately the description doesn’t mention anything about the driver’s health status. We can only hope they made it out with nothing more than minor injuries.

In the end, as it is often the case, the moral of the story is simply to drive within the speed limit, otherwise you might learn a valuable lesson the hard way.


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