Porsche Invests In Audio Tech Company To Tune The Fake Sounds Of Its Electric Cars

Porsche Ventures joins the likes of BMW iVentures and Sony to invest in DSP Concepts.

Porsche has purchased a stake in Silicon Valley-based DSP Concepts, a company with expertise in developing software for audio signal processing and audio algorithms.

In a statement, the German automaker revealed that it has invested $14.5 million in the company as part of a series B financing round, increasing total volume invested in the company to in excess of $25 million. Other companies to have invested in DSP Concepts include BMW iVentures, Innovation Growth Ventures/Sony Innovation Fund, MediaTek Ventures, and the ARM loT fund.

DSP Concepts offers an advanced audio development platform dubbed Audio Weaver that provides a platform for in-house audio algorithm development.

For Porsche, DSP Concepts’ technologies allows it to tune the sound of the all-electric Taycan sedan.

“We are all familiar with the unique Porsche combustion engine sound. We transferred this essential Porsche element to electric powertrains with our first electrically driven sports car, the Taycan,” vice president of electrics/electronics development at Porsche, Oliver Seifert said. “DSP Concepts’ technology makes it possible for our engineers to implement an individual sound concept for the Taycan and to create a unique Porsche sound signature.”

“The development process involving the audio environment stalled in the 1990s,” added co-founder and the CEO of DSP Concepts Chin Beckmann said. “However, audio experiences have never been as crucial to the success of technological products as today. The Audio Weaver platform operates in real time and handles optimization across several chip ranges so that customers can concentrate on developing functions that set their products apart from those offered by competitors.”

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