Oh, No! Ferrari F40 Devoured By Fire In Monaco, Man Tries To Extinguish It With Garden Hose

Sadly, there is now one less Ferrari F40 in the world.

A Ferrari F40 catching fire is a tragedy for car enthusiasts all over the world, including those residing in an exotic car heaven like Monaco.

Sadly, the streets of the tiny principality witnessed a Ferrari F40 (likely this particular straight-piped example) being consumed by flames earlier today, much to the perplexity of bystanders. We don’t know the cause of the fire, but judging by the videos uploaded on social media, the blaze seems to have originated in the engine compartment.

One of the videos appears to have been shot shortly after the first flames, as it shows a man raising his hands in despair while looking at the flames slowly engulfing the F40.

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We’ve stumbled across a second video which shows the raging fire almost completely swallowing the car, spewing a cloud of black smoke in the air.

If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to spot a man in the balcony above the Ferrari trying his best to help by directing a garden hose at the flaming supercar. Sadly, that was nowhere near enough to stop the fire but he’s definitely our hero of the day.

While sirens can be heard toward the end of the video, we’re pretty sure not much was left to be saved of the Ferrari F40 when the real firefighters arrived at the scene.

It’s obviously a very sad thing when a rare and iconic supercar like the Ferrari F40 is destroyed but at least no one was hurt as a result of this incident. We’re not counting the owner’s pride and net worth, obviously.


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