Modified Tesla Model 3 Is No Joke At The Track, Nearly Beats 30 Y.O. McLaren F1’s Time (We’d Still Have The F1)

The Tesla Model 3 in question includes wide tires, coilovers, and carbon ceramic brakes.

An extensively modified Tesla Model 3 Performance from Unplugged Performance was recently put to the test at the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan where it managed to set an impressive best lap time of 1:04.7.

One quick look at this Tesla tells you that it is far from standard. In addition to all the aggressive bodywork it’s been adorned with, it features a set of forged wheels with wide 305/30 ZR20 Michelin Cup 2 tires at all four corners, includes adjustable coilovers, has massive six-piston carbon ceramic brakes, billet adjustable front upper control arms, a 3-way adjustable front and rear sway bar kit, adjustable camber arms, adjustable rear toe arms, sport brake lines, and competition brake pads.

The car is owned by YouTuber DÆrik and if you can sit through the truly horrible and mundane narration, there are some glimpses of the car actually tackling the circuit. The YouTuber is particularly keen to point out that the Model 3’s best time is just shy of a time once set by a McLaren F1 at 1:04.62 but that’s hardly a shock. The F1 is almost 30 years old and we’re sure many other sporty cars on the market could be modified to easily eclipse the F1’s time.

Looking at a list of times around the Tsukuba Circuit over at FastestLaps, we couldn’t help but notice a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII MR has lapped the track in 1:04.7, the same as the modified Tesla Model 3. It remains unclear if that Evo was modified, however.

The Tesla may be fast, but let’s be real, we’d all rather much drive a McLaren F1 around a circuit.


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