Inattentive Dodge Neon Driver Veers Off, Plows Into Plow And Rolls Over

Frightening dashcam footage shows the moment a Dodge Neon flipped and crashed in Johnston, Rhode Island in late January.

Things start off normal but just a few seconds into the video, a Neon just a few hundred feet in front of the cammer starts to drift from the left lane into the right lane without their turn signal blinking. As the driver gets closer, the Neon can be seen continuing to drift over the solid white line on the edge of the road, coming close to hitting a guard rail in the process.

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Moments later, the Dodge Neon hits a bright red plow sitting next to a power pole and flips over. The quick-thinking driver of the car filming swerves into the oncoming lane to avoid being collected by the sliding Neon. Fortunately for the cammer, there was no oncoming traffic when they swerved and they didn’t hit anyone, meaning no other vehicles other than the Dodge were involved.

The uploader says the Neon driver was “banged up but conscious” after the crash before authorities soon arrived on the scene to offer their assistance.

It’s impossible to know why the driver veered off the road but it could be anything from simply being distracted to a medical emergency, or perhaps they fell asleep behind the wheel. Whatever the case may be, the most important thing is that they survived without any major injuries.


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