Cadillac Giving Escalade Owners $16,500 Discounts To Trade Up For 2020MY Instead Of New 2021MY

Cadillac would rather you not wait for the 2021 Escalade if you’re trying to trade in your 2014-2017 model.

Cadillac is apparently pulling out all the stops in an attempt to sell as many 2020 Escalades as possible before the all-new 2021 model hits showrooms in the third quarter of this year.

Their strategy is to offer up to $10,000 in loyalty discounts through their dealer network, saving you a potential 20% off MSRP, as reported by CarsDirect. But that’s not all.

According to the rules, if you own or lease a 2014-2017 Escalade, you’ll be eligible for a $7,500 discount when leasing or $10,000 when buying, if you make the switch through March 2nd. However, by opting for a 2020 Escalade, you can further combine those savings with a $9,000 rebate.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a targeted email campaign, which means that not everyone will be eligible for these shockingly large discounts.

A quick trip on Cadillac’s official website reveals that the 2020 Escalade is priced from $75,195 (or $76,490 with destination). Insert a potential $16,500 discount and if you’re eligible for the loyalty deal, then you could save almost 22% off the base price – a percentage that might go up even higher if you can negotiate a dealer discount.

Let’s say I luck out, what do I do?

You’re basically being made to choose between having to wait for the all-new 2021 Escalade, or getting a great deal on a 2020 model. However, if you’re among those people left thoroughly unimpressed by the looks of the 2021 version, then the choice shouldn’t be all that difficult – unless you like the new model’s interior with the massive curved OLED display, Augmented Reality-enabled navigation, Surround Vision, plus all the other clever stuff.

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