Apex Teases Geneva-Bound EV Sports Car Concept

This new electric vehicle concept by Apex will debut on March 3, wearing the codename AP-0.

Apex is planning on unveiling a new UK-engineered EV sports car concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The reveal will take place at 12:45 CET (6:45 AM EST) on March 3rd.

The concept will feature the codename AP-0, and is said to weigh just 1,200 kg (2,645 lbs) thanks to its carbon fiber chassis. This low of a kerb weight is quite unusual for a battery electric vehicle, and the benefits should be plentiful.

“The lightweight design of the AP-0 fuses the finest artistry with expert craftsmanship, not only affording it rapid acceleration, but also superior agility, outstanding handling and exceptional cornering ability.”

According to Apex, the AP-0 is the product of an experienced and accomplished engineering team, led by Guy Colborne, a former Daewoo designer and current Elemental Motor co-founder.

The AP-0 would follow in the footsteps of the high-performance 400HP AP-1, which launched last year. However, it’s hard to say how the two would compare in terms of performance. For starters, the AP-1 weighs just 620 kg (1,367 lbs), basically half of what the AP-0 weighs. In a straight line, the ICE-powered AP-1 can reportedly hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 2.5 seconds, before maxing out at 280 km/h (174 mph).

Depending on how much power it’s putting down as well as through how many wheels, the AP-0 could actually match those acceleration numbers despite weighing twice as much. As for what it looks like, maximizing the brightness on the teaser image didn’t get us very far. Still, unlike the AP-1, the AP-0 is clearly a Coupe with flared fenders. It also has some type of tail fin, similar to older Formula 1 cars.

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show will open its gates to the public on March 5, after the media has had its fill.

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