Rohan’s Widebody Dodge Challenger Shows The Japanese What U.S. Cars Are All About

Rohan’s Dodge Challengers presented in Tokyo include eye-catching paint schemes.

Tuned Japanese cars may be the most common sight at the ongoing Tokyo Auto Salon but there are also quite a few modified vehicles from the U.S. being shown off. These two Dodge Challengers from a company by the name of Rohan Izawa Art Design are among the finest.

The first Challenger in question is a potent SRT Hellcat variant finished in a bright shade of red. Clearly inspired by the recent Challenger Widebody introduced by Dodge itself, Rohan’s creation also comes with flared wheel arches but they appear even wider than what Dodge cooked up for its iconic muscle car.

Modifications made by the tuner continue with a set of aftermarket wheels and most notably, a distinctive paint scheme that has ghosted flames and other elements beautifully incorporated into the metallic red finish. The car has also been lowered.

As for the tuner’s second Dodge Challenger, it looks to be a 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker and has also been fitted with flared wheel arches. In addition, it sits on a set of chrome-plated five-spoke wheels, has extended side skirts, a sharp new diffuser, and a paint scheme perhaps even more eye-catching than the red car.

Rohan has heaps of expertise when it comes to creating wild cars and at the Tokyo Auto Salon three years ago, presented a gold chrome engraved Nissan GT-R that to this day, remains one of the most remarkable iterations of Godzilla ever presented.

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