(Non) Sense Brand’s Toyota Looks Exhausting At Tokyo Auto Salon

One of Sense Brand’s exhaust systems includes side-exiting pipes and six pipes at the rear.

High-end exhaust manufacturers such as MagnaFlow, Akrapovic, Borla, and many more, are very familiar among car enthusiasts around the world, particularly in the U.S. and Europe. However, in Japan, there is an exhaust maker designing and creating systems that put most others to shame.

The company, known as Sense Brand, has taken to the ongoing Tokyo Auto Salon to showcase some of the wild exhaust systems it’s built for a selection of Toyota-branded models. We don’t have any videos of what the systems sound like but can clearly see the craftsmanship that’s gone into making them.

Two of the most intriguing systems have been designed for the Toyota Crown Athlete. One of them, pictured below, has seen the sedan adorned with side-exiting pipes and then at the rear, features quad tailpipes stacked at an angle like the Lexus IS F and Ferrari California while sitting in the center of the rear fascia are an extra two exhausts. Count them up and you get a total of eight tailpipes, all of which appear functional.

A second Crown presented by Sense Brand, finished in matte black and pictured at the top of the article, has twin tailpipes on either side of the rear bumper and then at the rear itself, four additional pipes near the rear diffuser and then two monstrous center exhausts that look more like jet engines than they do tailpipes.

It’s unclear how much these wild exhaust systems cost but they would not be cheap as they appear to be hand-made.

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