Neuron EV VEGA Revealed As Startup’s First Crossover, Is A CGI For Now

Sized similarly to the VW Touareg, the Neuron EV VEGA is built on a truck-based chassis.

Neuron EV, the China-backed, California-based startup that holds the record for having the largest vehicle lineup that is yet to go on sale, has revealed a fresh model.

It’s called the VEGA (Versatile Electric Grand Automobile) and, like its stablemates, it has pure electric propulsion. However, it’s the first to adopt a crossover body and, therefore, the company’s first passenger car.

That’s because, up until now, Neuron EV has only showcased commercial vehicles like the T-One pickup/van and Torq semi truck. Speaking of the T-One, the VEGA will be built on the same modular electric platform used by the pickup. Neuron EV claims this will result in a “unique crossover which combines ride comfort of a passenger vehicle with the durability of a truck.”

According to the EV startup, the truck-based chassis will give the VEGA “solid structural rigidity” while the electric propulsion system will deliver “a smooth and fuel-efficient drive.”

Classified as midsize crossover, the VEGA is 16-ft (4,877-mm) long, 6.5-ft (1,981-mm) wide and 5.5-ft (1,676-mm) high. The dimensions make it similar to a VW Touareg so there should be no shortage of space inside. Neuron EV claims the electric crossover has a roomy interior that can comfortably seat five passengers, expansive headroom thanks to the stretched dome shaped roof and generous cargo storage.

Unfortunately, no other specs are available for the electric crossover so we don’t know anything about the electric motor(s), battery pack, driving range, performance or launch timing. For all we know, the VEGA is nothing but a bunch of CGIs at the moment.


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