Mazda Explains Why The MX-30 Has A Small 35.5 kWh Battery

Smaller equals lighter, plus Mazda is targeting the MX-30 to customers who drive 24-43 miles per day.

When the Mazda MX-30 was recently unveiled, many were surprised to learn that it features a small 35.5 kWh battery pack and only has a range of about 124 miles (200 km). Well, according to the company, there are a number of reasons why a small battery pack was selected.

Talking to Automotive News, Mazda Europe president and chief executive Yasuhiro Aoyama said that thanks to the small battery pack, Mazda has been able to keep the MX-30’s overall weight down to about 1,700 kg (3,747 lbs), less than one may expect from a vehicle of this size powered exclusively by electricity. Less weight obviously improves driving dynamics.

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In addition, Mazda says that the MX-30 is targeted towards urban and suburban customers who only drive 40 km to 70 km (24-43 miles) per day and can easily plug in and charge up the electric crossover overnight.

The vehicle’s battery pack features 192 lithium-ion prismatic cells from Panasonic. Director and deputy general manager of Mazda Europe’s research and development center, Christian Schultze, said that the car’s floorplan could support a larger battery but added that there are no plans to increase capacity.

Mazda believes it makes more sense to produce a hybrid with a much longer range than it is to invest in an all-electric crossover with a large battery. In 2021, the automaker will launch a range-extender powertrain that couples a small petrol rotary engine with an electric motor.

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