Lamborghini Sold Nearly 5,000 Urus SUVs Last Year, Boosting Total Volume By 43 Percent

Lamborghini’s SUV now accounts for 61 percent of the company’s total sales .

The Urus has been a very safe bet for Lamborghini, which saw its worldwide sales increase to 8,205 units last year.

That’s a healthy 43 percent jump compared to 2018 and it has the super SUV to thank for, as it contributed 4,962 examples, or a whopping 61 percent of total sales. This was the first full year of market availability, as Lamborghini launched the Urus in February 2018, delivering 1,761 cars by the end of December 2018.

The Italians also sold 2,139 examples of the V10 Huracan and 1,104 of the V12 Aventador in 2019.

Overall sales across all regions went up over the past twelve months, with 165 dealers present in 51 countries reporting positive feedback. The United States remained the company’s biggest market, with 2,374 vehicles delivered, followed by the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau with 770, the United Kingdom with 658 and Japan with 641. Another 562 cars were sold in Germany, 387 in the Middle East, 376 in Canada and 370 in Italy.

“The year 2019 was the most successful in our history”, said CEO Stefano Domenicali. “The team delivered another substantial sales increase, taking us to unprecedented historic rights. In only two years, we more than doubled our sales numbers, a success that cannot be overrated. This clearly proves the power of our brand and the quality and sustainability of our product and commercial strategy. Our super SUV Urus sold almost 5,000 units, a number that comes close to our total sales volume in 2018. With new content and technologies, our V10 and V12 super sports cars models retained their market success.”

On a related note, Lamborghini expects to end the fiscal year on a very positive pace. The business numbers will be revealed in March.

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