Jaguar Just Has To Build An F-Type Shooting Brake

The styling of the new Jaguar F-Type makes the sports car look better than ever.

Jaguar produces some of the best-looking vehicles on the market and, to our eyes, the facelifted F-Type is its absolute finest. This rendering from X-Tomi Design reveals that, with a few alterations, it can be made to look even sexier.

What you’re looking at is, of course, a Shooting Brake version of the F-Type that features an extended roofline that drastically changes how the sporty Jag looks and sits on the road. Accompanying the extended roof are slimmer side windows that work wonders with the overall shape of the sports car.

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This isn’t the first rendering of the facelifted Jaguar F-Type we’ve seen. A couple of weeks ago, we got a glimpse of what a hardcore F-Type SVR could look like if given the thumbs up for production. That rendering depicted the car with a large front grille, gaping wide air intakes, unique wheels, extended side skirts, and a towering rear wing.

While there’s a good chance a new F-Type SVR will be produced, it’s very unlikely the British car manufacturer will build a Shooting Brake version of the F-Type. And despite that being a shame, it’s certainly not a shock as demand for such a vehicle wouldn’t be high enough to justify the costs involved. Besides, with the onslaught of SUVs, of which Jaguar has rolled out a number of its own, and the decline of the sports car, it’s almost a miracle that the F-Type is still among us, so we shouldn’t complain.

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