It Takes 16 Days To Build One Bentley Bentayga Speed

Watch the Bentley Bentayga Speed come to life at the Crewe factory.

Despite sharing its running gear with the Volkswagen Touareg, the Bentley Bentayga is a different and much higher-end beast than its German cousin. Among other, less obvious things, while the former gets put together mostly by robots, the latter enjoys a bit more human touch.

And a lot of touch it needs, as it takes Bentley 16 working days or 127 man hours to assemble a single example of the Bentayga Speed. The model comes to life at the Crewe factory, in the United Kingdom, which has been the home of Bentley since 1946 and saw a £500 million ($653/€586 million) cash injection from the VW Group, in the first two years after the takeover.

Here’s the breakdown:

Wood: 10 hours
Trim: 8 hours
Paint: 24 hours
Engine: 13.4 hours
Assembly: 19 hours
Other, Quality, Testing and Sign-off: 52.5 hours

Joining the V8, Design Series, Diesel and Hybrid versions of the high-end SUV, the Bentayga Speed came to market last year as the pinnacle of the range. It combines a generous ground clearance with a GT-like level of comfort and sports car-like performance, needing only 3.8 seconds to sprint from rest to 60 mph (96 km/h). Mind you, that’s previous-gen supercar territory achieved in an SUV that has a maximum speed of 190 mph (305 km/h).

Video: Bentley Bentayga Speed, Porsche Cayenne Turbo And Mercedes-AMG G63 Go To War

Compared to the regular W12 Bentayga, the Speed model has an additional 26 HP at its disposal which helps shave a couple of tenths of second off its 0- 62 mph (100km/h) time. The 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine found under the hood develops 626 hp (635 PS / 467 kW) and 664 pound-feet (900 Nm) of torque. It has a WLTP-estimated driving range of up to 377 miles (607 km), returns 17.9 mpg US (21.5 mpg UK / 13.1 l/100 km) and emits 496 g/km of CO2.

You can pick up a Bentayga Speed for $235,700 in the States, but it can easily climb up from there if you succumb to the allure of Bentley’s rich customization options.


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