If Ford’s Mustang Foxbody And Ferrari’s F40 Had A Baby, This Would Be It

In a weird way, the Ford Mustang Foxbody and Ferrari F40 work well together.

The Ford Mustang Foxbody is one of the most enduring iterations of the pony car produced and to this day, can still look pretty good in the right spec. However, artist Abimelec Design thought he could improve on the styling of the Mustang Foxbody by marrying it with a Ferrari F40, a car from a similar time period that also featured a very wide, low-slung design dominated by flat surfaces and sharp edges.

As the Mustang Foxbody and Ferrari F40 feature hugely different proportions, Abimelec Design aggressively altered the Ford by lowering the roofline and adding flared fenders inspired by those of the F40. The Ferrari inspiration continues at the rear with the iconic rear wing of the F40 as well as a similar Lexan panel over the engine bay. Yes, this Mustang is now mid-engined. There are also four circular taillights like the Prancing Horse.

Further F40 inspiration is visible on the sides with similar doors and side skirts as well as the iconic star-shaped wheels of the supercar. Completing the exterior modifications are headlights lifted from a Ford Thunderbird that were also used in the limited-run Saleen RRR of 1993. Tying everything together is a Rosso Corsa paint scheme.

Because this car is firmly fixed in the world of fiction, the designer was able to imagine it featuring a bespoke powertrain. The engine selected is the 5.2-liter Voodoo V8 engine of the Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R complete with a flat-plane crank. This particular eight-cylinder has been made all the more potent thanks to the presence of twin turbochargers.

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