Hyundai Visualizes Future Of Cities With Urban Air Mobility

Hyundai’s vision of the future includes flying vehicles and unique ground transportation.

Hyundai has presented its vision of the future of mobility at CES 2020 as it accelerates its transition into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.

The car manufacturer’s vision consists of three mobility solutions that work hand-in-hand with each other.

The first of these solutions is dubbed Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and consists of a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) that has been co-developed with ride-hailing giant Uber. UAM works alongside the Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) that would be an eco-friendly, urban vehicle that offers customized services in transit. It connects with UAM at the ‘Hub’, the third piece of the puzzle that could be considered as a futuristic version of a train station or bus station but for Hyundai’s flying vehicles and new ground transportation.

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“For our smart mobility solutions, we considered what truly matters in cities and in people’s lives,” executive vice chairman of the Hyundai Motor Group Euisun Chung said. “UAM, PBV, and Hub will revitalize cities by removing urban boundaries, giving people time to pursue their goals, and creating a diverse community. Our goal is to help build dynamic human-centered future cities and continue our legacy of progress for humanity. CES 2020 is just the start and we will continue to realize this vision.”

Hyundai believes that Urban Air Mobility with Personal Air Vehicles capable of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) will play an important role in future cities.

“We are looking at the dawn of a completely new era that will open the skies above our cities. Urban Air Mobility will liberate people from grid-lock and reclaim time for people to invest in activities they care about and enjoy,” said executive vice president and head of Urban Air Mobility Division at Hyundai Motor Company, Jaiwon Shin.

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