Dodge Challenger Gets Mustangitis At Car Meet, Crashes After Speeding Through Parking Lot

The Dodge Challenger hit a curb, ripping off a wheel and its hub.

An overzealous Dodge Challenger driver has caused a huge amount of damage to his car after crashing in a parking lot following a car meet in the U.S.

A Twitter user shared a video on the social media network that shows the moment the Challenger crashed. It’s unclear what exact variant the car is, but The Drive says it’s likely either an R/T Scat Pack or a Hellcat.

In the clip, the driver of the tail-happy muscle car pins the throttle in the parking lot, accelerating past a number of fast-food chains and into the distance. The uploader says the car was traveling at 70 mph (112 km/h) but to our eyes, it looks much slower than that. Nevertheless, the Challenger was going fast enough that when it hit a speed bump, it flew into the air and sent sparks flying. It appears as though the driver then immediately lost control of the car and slid over a curb.

The damage done to the Dodge is pretty significant, to say the least. Most notably, one of the front wheels was entirely ripped off, including the brakes, eliciting a hilarious comment from a bystander who says “Aye, can I have your Brembos?”

With a bit of money, the car could probably be repaired, unless there’s some other serious damage we can’t see in the video. However, the driver shouldn’t expect any kind of insurance payout with the presence of this video capturing the crash online.

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