Blitz’s 2020 Toyota Supra From Tokyo Looks Like A Blob Fish

Adorning this tweaked Toyota Supra are revised front and rear fascias.

Japanese tuner Blitz took the covers off its modified Toyota Supra at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon.

While many other aftermarket specialists have started to equip the Supra with wild, in-your-face bodykits, Blitz’s completed car is a little more subdued. However, it’s still a very striking bodykit which transforms the look of the popular new sports car.

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For starters, the Supra presented in Tokyo has been painted (or wrapped) in a lovely shade of matte white that really accentuates the car’s exterior lines. Blitz then fitted it with a set of flared wheel arches slightly wider than those equipped to the Supra as standard. Sitting beneath the new arches are a set of tightly-spoked 20-inch aftermarket wheels from Enkei.

The front of Blitz’s Toyota Supra is clearly the most striking area of the car and is dominated by an enlarged bumper with a new central grille and air intake design. Some may disagree but we think the front-end somewhat resembles a fish.

Alterations made by the tuner continue at the rear where the Supra has been adorned with a fixed rear wing, enlarged tailpipes, and a pair of aerodynamic flics on either side of the bumper.

There are also a number of less obvious modifications that’ve been made to the car. For example, there are new shocks with 96 steps of adjustment and a set of enlarged brakes. In addition, a carbon fiber air intake has been fitted to this particular show car’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

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