This Bugatti Chiron Was Created With The Help Of Hermes

Manny Koshbin’s Chiron has a leather interior from Hermes as well as a custom shade of cream paint.

Prolific car collector, real estate mogul, and social media star Manny Khoshbin has shared images online revealing his bespoke Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron in question has been in the works for no less than three years and is made particularly special by the fact that Hermes, one of the most prestigious brands in luxury goods, helped in its creation.

Adorning the exterior of the French hypercar is a custom shade of cream paint as well as a distinct mesh design in the front horseshoe grille and other air intakes. While we don’t yet have images of the Chiron’s interior, we’re told that it features custom leather from Hermes – which, we guess, speaks volumes about its quality.

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Another aspect of Khosbin’s Chiron that makes it stand out from most others is the available ‘Sky View‘ glass roof introduced by the car manufacturer in the middle of last year. This roof provides an additional 2.7 cm (1.06-inches) of headroom, is tinted, and filters out UVA and UVB radiation. It’s unknown how much this option costs, although we wouldn’t be surprised to learn it goes somewhere in the high five-figure range.

This isn’t the first time Khoshbin has had an exotic created with the help of the high-end luxury fashion manufacturer. A few years ago, he had Hermes team up with Pagani to create a bespoke Huayra for the multi-millionaire, clad in golden brown carbon fiber and complete with a host of custom interior and exterior touches.

In July, Bugatti revealed that it had built its 200th Chiron of a planned production run of 500 units. At the time, less than 100 units remained up for grabs. Each Chiron takes approximately 10 months to build.

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