This BMW 507 Roadster Might Just Come With Its Designer’s Signature

Set to be auctioned off next year, this BMW 507 Roadster is one of 34 that made it to America.

If you call yourself a BMW fan, then you surely must have heard of the 507, one of the most rare, and desirable, set of wheels to ever wear the blue and white roundel.

Made between 1956 and 1960 in Germany, only 252 were ever put together, and 34 of them found their way to the United States. Despite the very limited production number, the sports car became an instant hit with celebrities, as among the those who acquired one were Elvis Presley, Fred Astaire, John Surtees and King Constantine II of Greece.

This 1958 507 Roadster is said to come “from decades of ownership by one of America’s foremost marque collectors”, according to RMSothebys, who has it listed for the Paris auction on February 5, 2020. The Series II example was reportedly sold new through Hoffman Motors of New York and in its early days, it is understood that a Hollywood producer put some miles on the clock, before being sold to an architect in Mississippi.

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Subsequently, it was purchased by a a man named William Young, and after that, the 507 changed hands a couple of more times in the early 80s, only to be seen in an advertisement by the same William Young in 1985, who in the meantime had become a successful businessman. He contacted the vendor and bought it on the spot, making it the centerpiece of his collection that eventually included more than 30 classic Bimmers.

During this time, it attended different events and was featured on the cover of magazines. It was eventually sold to a used car dealer in Texas in 2013, where it was bought by the consignor the following year.

The multitude of owners and tumultuous lifestyle had left their marks on the car, which was in need of some TLC. This came in the form of a restoration process that was completed recently, during which a mysterious signature was found on the glovebox panel, believed to belong to the 507’s designer, Albrecht von Goertz.

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