Meet The Tamaro, An Old Taurus Dressed Up To Look Like A Camaro

Although he did the job by himself, the project ended up costing its owner no less than $6k!.

You have an old Taurus, but you also have thing for Camaros. What do you do? If you are like this guy, you embark on building a unique project: the Tamaro.

According to Nicave13 from, he bought a light blue 1991 Taurus in November of 2001 for $500. When he moved to Las Vegas in 2009 with his 2010 Camaro SS/RS, he left the Taurus well alone for 5 years at his parents’ warehouse. “One day, though, I decided I needed a second car here in Vegas so I could put a supercharger on my Camaro”, he says. “So I drove her cross country, 1600 miles in 23 hours after cleaning the plugs, changing oil/tire, anti-freeze and water pump”.

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When he drove it to the local weekly car show “Car’s and Coffee”, he didn’t hear many good comments about his ride. Thus, he set about transforming it. First he measured the hoods of the Taurus and the Camaro, and they were identical, at 48 inches wide, although the rear ends were 8 inches apart.

Anyhow, he then took the Taurus to Lake Havasu to see a the owner of, who also happens to be a friend. He just happened to have a few Camaro parts lying around, like a V6 bumper, non-RS headlights with the mounts cut off, side rockers and a spoiler. Next up, he bought a rear bumper for $100, tail lights for $50, Camaro side mirrors for $75, C5 Vette exhaust tips for $35… the list is long.

Even though he did all the job by himself, the eventual price tag, including tools and other parts, came to $6k. So, was it worth it? According to its owner, every penny of it – but what do you think?

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