Lincoln Perceiver Concept Is Aerodynamic, Autonomous And Awesomely Fast

The Lincoln Perceiver has an unusual exterior design that helps it cut through the air with ease.

In the coming decades, vehicles are expected to become totally autonomous, removing humans from driving responsibilities. One thing we don’t expect to change, however, is the love car enthusiasts have for going fast. This concept, dubbed the Lincoln Perceiver, aims to combine self-driving technologies with blistering straight-line performance.

The study, created by Sebastiano Ciarcià, has an exterior design unlike any vehicle currently on the market and is focused largely on aerodynamics. Most notably, the front wheels are totally hidden under sharp bodywork so the Perceiver cuts through the air which then flows over the sleek roofline and glass cabin.

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As the Lincoln drives itself, there are no traditional controls in the cabin like pedals or a steering wheel. This means occupants have an unimpeded view out of the windshield that stretches over their heads and right down to foot-level.

Ciarcià refers to the car as an autonomous Hyper Cruiser. In some ways, it could be considered as the next-iteration of the hyper-GT, a term recently coined to refer to exceptionally fast and luxurious vehicles like the McLaren Speedtail.

While we’d love to see performance-focused autonomous vehicles eventually hit the roads, right now it might prove a challenge convincing consumers that being a passenger in a vehicle that could perhaps exceed 250 mph (400 km/h) would be a good idea. Make no mistake, though; self-driving cars are coming sooner or later, and we’ll all be relegated to the role of mere passengers. Better enjoy it while we still can, then.


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