Hyundai Will Present Its Vision Of The Future At CES 2020

Hyundai will showcase a Personal Air Vehicle and an autonomous Purpose Built Vehicle at the Las Vegas event .

Hyundai will showcase its vision for mobility and cities of the future at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

At the event held in Las Vegas, the South Korean automaker will become the latest company to preview a Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) that could form part of the future Urban Air Mobility (UAM) landscape. This announcement comes shortly after Audi suspended work on its flying car project with Airbus and Porsche just threw its hat in the race by partnering with Boeing to make a premium flying car.

No details have been released about Hyundai’s Personal Air Vehicle. However, a single rendering previewing the automaker’s city of the future depicts flying vehicles with propellers that are probably tiltrotors, like the V-22 Osprey, for vertical take-off and landing, like a helicopter, and flying like an airplane.

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Alongside presenting its Personal Air Vehicle at CES, Hyundai will showcase its so-called Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV) that’ll be a highly customizable concept with autonomous driving features that can be turned into “more than just a means of transportation.” Both the Personal Air Vehicle and Purpose Built Vehicle will come together at the Hub that doubles as take-off and landing points and could be located throughout cities in the future.

Hyundai’s Personal Air Vehicle, Purpose Built Vehicle, and the Hub will be unveiled at 3 p.m. on January 6 at Mandalay Bay South Convention Center during the CES.

Word about Hyundai’s presence at CES comes just a few days after General Motors revealed that the car it was planning to unveil at the show had been delayed due to the recent UAW strike.

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