Chevy Tahoe Driver Charged After Hitting Car And Motorcyclist In Road Rage Incident

Clearly, the Tahoe’s driver beef was with the other car driver, as he stopped to help the biker he hit.

The driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe has been charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment after a frightening road rage incident that occurred on Tuesday on U.S. Highway 59 near Splendora, Texas.

The incident, filmed from inside a car being driven by Lucas Martin, shows the white Tahoe driving aggressively next to and in front of Martin, his girlfriend, and 1-year-old child, flipping them off and then hitting the front of their sedan.

Martin’s girlfriend, Summer Rose, can be heard speaking with police in the midst of the road rage incident, telling the phone operator about the Tahoe driver’s aggressive moves. Towards the end of the video, the Chevrolet driver, later identified as Armando Montes, can be seen exiting the highway and slamming straight into the side of a motorcyclist, sending the rider flying off his bike. Just seconds before the video ends, Martin tells his wife “give me the gun.”

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Speaking with KHOU 11, Martin said: “Oh, man! It wasn’t fun. The scariest part about it was having my son in the backseat. He was acting like a lunatic who was not really giving you the opportunity to get away either. If we speed up then he’s speeding up, if we slow down he’s right next to us. I didn’t know how to handle it. It was wild.”

According to Martin, Montes decided to stop and help the motorcyclist that he hit.

Splendora Police chief Wally Wieghat said both drivers played a role in escalating the situation and advised anyone else who finds themselves the subject of a road rage driver to not pull alongside the offender’s vehicle like Martin did.

“Truly I would not recommend that. They’re probably trying to get a good facial picture of him for law enforcement, but the license plate will suffice,” he said. “He’s assuming this guy doesn’t have a weapon. That’s an assumption that can get you killed.”


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