Aston Martin And Airbus Tease Start Of Beautiful Friendship

This collaboration between Aston Martin and Airbus will yield its first result early in Q1 of 2020.

Aston Martin and Airbus Corporate Helicopters have gone into business with each other, looking to merge automotive and aeronautical designs for a series of new products, the first of which will be revealed early in Q1 of 2020.

Designers from both companies have worked together for the past year on the styling of this first product, which we suspect will be a helicopter, not a car. The reveal is scheduled for January 3, at Courchevel in the French Alps.

“Applying our own automotive design principles in the aerospace world is a fascinating challenge and one that we are very much enjoying. I’m looking forward to the reveal in the New Year so we can show everyone what we have accomplished together,” stated Aston Martin VP and CCO, Marek Reichman.

While Airbus is also invested in Flying Taxi designs, this upcoming product is more likely to be a traditional “chopper”, seen as how Airbus Corporate Helicopters has deep roots in the business aviation sector, fielding more than 1,800 aircraft in 130 countries – boasting a market share of 50%.

As for our biggest clue regarding the January 3 unveiling, the title of the video teaser below pretty much says it all: ACH130 AM Teaser.

The ACH130 is a sleek helicopter that’s said to strike the perfect balance between power and elegance. It also features 6 forward-facing seats and luxurious cabin accents, which is something Aston Martin could easily work with – hence the AM designation.

“This is a bold cooperation which corresponds to our tradition of experimenting with new design approaches, the result is a unique creation of breathtaking design accomplishment and beauty,” added Airbus Corporate Helicopters boss, Frederic Lemos.


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