That Stinks; Poop Truck Puts Out BMW X6 Fire

It was Captain Brown to the rescue as the BMW X6 was burning to a crisp.

Cue the Benny Hill music. The amusing story of the week, month and probably year comes from Russia and it involves a BMW X6 engulfed in flames and a sewage truck that might have wanted to join the fire department during its younger years. Now, we’ll go into specifics in a moment, after catching our breath and putting our poker face on.

Okay, here we go: the smoking German coupe-crossover was filmed on the side of the road in Samara, a small Russian city located southeast of Moscow, near the Kazakhstan border, with fire coming under the hood. The driver reportedly called the emergency services, but as the fire was spreading fast, he had no option but to signal for help.

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For better or worse, a sewage truck was happening to be passing by. The Good Samaritan behind the wheel of the truck pulled over next to the Bimmer. We don’t know whose idea was it, but a few seconds later, a lot of brown stuff started to come out. The owner of the X6 then pooped the hood open, revealing the source of the fire, as the other guy kept pouring human waste onto the engine, in what was one of the smelliest fire extinguishing techniques ever.

The person filming the incident decided that enough is enough and hit the stop button, letting our imagination run wild as to what happened next. Did Captain Brown save the first-gen X6? Were the flames stronger? Did they wipe the car after? Tune in next time for another episode of ‘It cracks me up’.


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