Taking A 2020 Supra Engine To 1,000 HP Is A Long But Rewarding Process

The final output numbers of this Supra engine are still a secret, but at least we get to listen to its growl.

The 2020 Toyota Supra has arguable one of the most tunable powertrains available as new in the market, and famous engine builder Stephan Papadakis is one of the first to extract 1,000 horsepower from it.

Papadakis took a bare B58 engine block and built it live during the 2019 SEMA show at the Toyota booth, showcasing what goes into turning such a unit into a proper monster.

As you would expect, building this racing engine requires all new forged internals, like rods and pistons, plus a printed aluminum intake manifold from Mountune that doesn’t have a water-to-air intercooler – as Papadakis is going to use a traditional air-to-air intercooler. Then there’s the BorgWarner EFR 9280 turbocharger complete with a custom turbo manifold, and the list goes on.

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The final adjustments will take place on an engine dyno; Papadakis won’t share just yet the final power specs of his engine, but it’s safe to expect a four-digit figure since the B58 has proven it can produce around 700 horses with stock internals.

Ever since Toyota announced that the new Supra was going to use a BMW-sourced powertrain, people have been arguing whether the B58 is a fitting successor to the legendary 2JZ. So far, everything indicates that the turbocharged inline six unit of the new Toyota sports car is one of the most robust engines out there, capable of producing big numbers with ease.

And while we have to wait a little longer to find out what the final output numbers of the Papadakis-built Supra engine are, the livestream from SEMA concluded with a clip of the engine on the dyno (at 1:48.11), giving us a taste of what it sounds like.



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