Rider Pulls A Johnny Bravo, Gets Distracted By Girls And Crashes

It’s safe to say that this rider’s ego suffered at least as much damage as his bike.

Even though the world is full of things that distract us while driving our cars or riding our motorcycles, it is our job to remain steadfast and pay attention to what is really important, meaning what’s directly in front of us.

As you can see, the guy riding this motorcycle ignored all common sense and decided to turn his gaze towards a group of young women chatting on the sidewalk – all this while traffic was visibly slowing up ahead.

This means he noticed the women from afar, taking his eyes off the road at the worst possible moment, even though it was only for about 2 seconds tops. In any case, he proceeded to crash his Yamaha into that black E46 Bimmer and pretty much ruin not just his day, but also the driver’s.

Of course, if his goal was to attract attention, then yeah, those women definitely became “interested” in looking at him (or at least at his direction) once they heard the loud metallic bang. Now we’re actually curious if any of them actually went over to see if our main protagonist was alright.

In the end, this could have been worse, obviously. Just watch this horrific crash from this past summer and you’ll know what we mean. So yeah, at least there’s the fact that the rider didn’t channel his inner Johnny Bravo at high speed.

Note: Mind the explicit language used by the rider following the incident


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