Pope Francis Now Has A One-Off Dacia Duster In His Popemobile Arsenal Too

This Romanian-built Popemobile features a white exterior livery and a beige interior.

Groupe Renault delivered an exclusive Dacia Duster crossover to Pope Francis, featuring a white livery on the outside and a beige interior. Present during the event were Groupe Renault Romania and Dacia CEO Christophe Dridi, and Groupe Renault Italy manager Xavier Martinet, among others.

This Duster was customized by the Prototype Department and the Dacia Special Needs team in Romania, in collaboration with coach-builder Romturingia.

It features a 5 seat setup, with one seat being a “particularly comfortable rear bench seat.” The crossover also boasts specific solutions and accessories designed to make it suitable for the Vatican: a large sunroof, removable glass superstructure, lowered ground clearance (30 mm) to facilitate access, plus internal and external support elements.

“With this gift to His Holiness, Groupe Renault renews its strong and continuous commitment to putting Man at the center of its priorities,” stated Groupe Renault Italy exec, Xavier Martinet.

The Duster is on a bit of a roll currently, as far as European sales are concerned. In fact, back in August, it registered as the EU’s second best-selling nameplate, after the VW Golf, which sold 26,411 units compared to the Duster’s 19,451. The Dacia brand however came in ninth with a total of 51,692 units sold – although to be fair, they don’t have the most diverse model range.

In the UK, the 2019 Dacia Duster can be purchased from £10,995 ($14,166), while the flagship Prestige version will set you back upwards of £16,295 ($20,100). The most expensive configuration however is the dCi 115 4×4 diesel, which has a starting price of £19,292 ($24,862).

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