One-Off Pagani Zonda Riviera Sells For Staggering $5.5 Million

The 2017 Zonda Riviera started out life as a ‘regular’ Zonda F, then was sent back to Pagani to receive some mods.

The one-off 2017 Pagani Zonda Riviera has sold for a remarkable $5.5 million at a Silverstone Auction event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Zonda Riviera started out life as a Zonda F and was returned to the company’s Italian factory to become the latest in the long-running 760 series of models. Among the modifications made are the fitment of all-new carbon fiber body panels, a custom roof scoop, a towering carbon fiber rear wing, carbon fiber canards, and some gorgeous blue trimmings.

Under the skin, the 7.3-liter naturally-aspirated V12 has been upgraded to the point where it now delivers a cool 750 HP. These engine upgrades are complemented by a custom exhaust system that ensures that V12 screams even louder. At the time of the car’s sale, it had less than 900 km (559 miles) under its belt.

Earlier this year, the car was listed up for sale from VIP Motors UAE in Dubai, but didn’t seem to have been sold. A couple of years back, it was listed for sale from Seven Car Lounge in Saudi Arabia and purchased by a Saudi prince who made at least one trip with the Italian hypercar to London.

The auction of the Zonda Riviera did slide under the radar because, back in August, another one-off Zonda, dubbed the Aether, was confirmed for an auction on November 30 in Abu Dhabi. At the time, it was claimed that this would be the first time a Zonda had been auctioned off in seven years. Evidently, the Riviera beat out the Aether by a week, although it is likely that the Aether will sell for pretty much the same amount.

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